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HFCC, also known as High Frequency Co-ordination Conference, earlier High Frequency Co-ordination Committee, is a group active in informal co-ordination of frequency channels used in short wave broadcasting. The group co-ordinates transmission schedules of about 60 organisations from more than 30 countries. They represent about 75 to 80 percent of the global output of short wave broadcasting.

The main objective of the HFCC is to provide the representation and services for the promotion of an efficient and economical use of the short-wave radio spectrum, and the improvement of radio reception of short-wave broadcast transmissions world-wide.

Regular seasonal co-ordination meetings belong among the main activities that help to achieve the objectives of the HFCC. The HFCC co-ordinates two schedules annually: The A schedule corresponds to the summer period on the Northern hemisphere, and B to the winter period in keeping with the dates of the clock-time changes in Europe.

Membership is open to all individuals and organisations that provide short wave frequency management and planning.

Vinohradska 12
12099 Praha 2
Czech Republic
E-mail: infohfcc.org

What's New

[17-Jan-2010] - The HFCC website has been transferred to a re-designed version. You should have been automatically redirected to the new homepage. This version of the homepage is no longer updated.

[15-Jan-2010] - A10 Tentative Data and B09 Updated Operational Data snapshots

[14-Jan-2010] - List of registered participants of the A10 Conference

[15-Dec-2009] - A10 upload opened. 14 January 2010 - deadline for initial tentative data.

[15-Dec-2009] - B09 snapshot and collision detection system update: "self-collisions" of the same FMO are no longer displayed in keeping with the decision of the GOE.

[7-Dec-2009] - DRM Service ID list updated.

[26-Nov-2009] - B09 snapshot as of 25 November

[26-Nov-2009] - The latest DRM Service ID list. Please check the list - a few IDs still need to be adjusted. If needed, James Briggs can help with setting the service ID's up on DRM exciters, or providing suggestions for service ID's.

[10-Nov-2009] - Invitation to the EBU DRM conference. Minutes of the October 2009 SB meeting

[4-Nov-2009] - Non-technical Guide to the new S/I collision lists by Gary Stanley and Jan Peter Werkman linked from the B09 Data sections of the restricted areas.

[1-Nov-2009] - Invitation, Hotel Booking and Conference Registration on the Page of the A10 KL Global Meeting.

[27-Oct-2009] - B09 snapshot and B09 Public Data. Next B09 snapshot preliminarily planned for 26 November. A09 season has finished - please upload any remaining changes as the upload application will be closed for A09 uploads soon.

[6-Oct-2009] - Snapshots of B09 (operational schedule) and A09.

[30-Sep-2009] - Minutes of the B09 Punta Cana plenary in HFCC/ASBU Private Area

[23-Sep-2009] - B09 snapshot. Deadline for B09 operational data: 5 October.

[8-Sep-2009] - B09 snapshot. Next B09 snapshot planned for 23 September.

[31-Aug-2009] - Major update of the Contact List

[26-Aug-2009] - B09 and A09 snapshots. Next B09 snapshot planned for 8 September.

[15-Aug-2009] - The upload application will be closed later today due to preparations for B09 meeting.

[7-Aug-2009] - New Broadcaster and Site added in reference tables

[5-Aug-2009] - Updated registration list
- Warning: some additions will be made to BROADCAS.TXT and SITE.TXT tables in the next couple of days. An update of your systems may be needed to load the combined schedule.

[21-Jul-2009] - B09 tentative data snapshot

[18-Jul-2009] - Updated B09 conference registration list

[16-Jul-2009] - The hfccitu.int e-mail reflector is out of service. We have contacted the ITU helpdesk to resolve the problem.

[15-Jul-2009] - Please complete your hotel booking including exact arrival/departure details by this Friday - see a message highligted in red on the page of the B09 meeting

[9-Jul-2009] - Sad news from RRT

[3-Jul-2009] - B09 upload opened, deadline for tentative data is 20 July

[2-Jul-2009] - Updated Contact List

[24-Jun-2009] - Updated list of B09 registrations, draft schedule of the B09 meeting

[24-Jun-2009] - More photos added to the Contact List

[12-Jun-2009] - New Contact List with photos in the restricted area

[03-Jun-2009] - Minutes of May 2009 HFCC/ASBU SB Meeting in the HFCC/ASBU Private Area

[26-May-2009] - Updated list of registrations for B09 meeting

[25-May-2009] - Format of the S/I Collision lists slightly changed in keeping with the decisions of the GOE. The S/I collision database is now also available in Ascii comma delimited format (CSV) - see the A09 Data section of the Private Area.

[27-Apr-2009] - Page of the B09 Meeting incl. List of Registered Participants

[21-Apr-2009] - Invitation, Information and Registration Form for the B09 Punta Cana meeting in the Private Area

[9-Apr-2009] - A09 public data, B08 upload will be closed next week

[16-Mar-2009] - Snapshot processed - A09 Operational Data

[9-Mar-2009] - Deadline for A09 Operational Data: 15 March

[18-Feb-2009] - Minutes of A09 Plenary and GOE meetings

[11-Feb-2009] - Snapshot of A09 Data

[10-Feb-2009] - Updated Contact List - thanks to Milan Prezelj for collecting all the changes in Hammamet!

[6-Feb-2009] - A09 Conference in Tunisia is closing today, automated processing of collisions will resume here on the www.hfcc.org site on Monday 9 February. Wednesday 11 February 2009, 1200 UTC - deadline for any frequency changes to be included in the final snapshot of the Tunisia meeting.

[29-Jan-2009] - Updated travel information, draft Meeting Programme and updated List of participants of the A09 HFCC/ASBU Conference

[28-Jan-2009] - The S/I collision detection will be running locally at the Tunisia meeting. Due to the need of producing the 55/65dBu lists in parallel the S/I lists on the www.hfcc.org website will be updated in an off-line mode approx. once a day only.

[23-Jan-2009] - A09 snapshot processed

[16-Jan-2009] - Updated List of registered participants for A09 HFCC/ASBU Conference

[15-Jan-2009] - A09 and B08 data snapshots processed

[12-Jan-2009] - Quick Start Guide on the S/I calculated collisions

[9-Jan-2009] - 7 MHz spectrum changes starting from A09 - Important summary and explanations

[5-Jan-2009] - The upload application has been opened for A09 data

[26-Dec-2008] - Updated list of A09 conference registrations

[18-Dec-2008] - B08 data snapshot as of 17 December 2008

[15-Dec-2008] - List of registered participants for A09 HFCC/ASBU Conference

[12-Dec-2008] - Minutes of November 2008 HFCC/ASBU SB Meeting and information on B09 Conference in the HFCC/ASBU Private Area

[3-Dec-2008] - Invitation and booking form for A09 HFCC/ASBU Conference

[1-Dec-2008] - The ASBU have confirmed the hosting of the A09 HFCC/ASBU Conference in Hammamet near Tunis, Tunisia from 2 to 6 February 2009.

[30-Oct-2008] - B08 Public Schedule has been available

[30-Oct-2008] - A08 uploading will be closed soon. Please upload the last version of your schedule if you haven't done so yet.

[7-Oct-2008] - Snapshots of the B08 operational data and A08 updated operational data as of 6 October

[3-Oct-2008] - Information relating to DRM on the Moscow conference agenda has been updated >>

[30-Sep-2008] - Monday, 6 October 2008 - deadline for B08 Operational Data

[22-Sep-2008] - Updated Contact List (changes collected by Milan Prezelj in Moscow)

[15-Sep-2008] - Draft Minutes of Moscow Plenary in the HFCC/ASBU Private Area

[9-Sep-2008] - Minutes of Moscow GOE meeting in the restricted areas. (Minutes of the Moscow Plenary coming soon.)

[3-Sep-2008] - The new S/I collision lists tested in Moscow have now been introduced in the automated system on this server. A snapshot of the B08 co-ordinated data have been processed.

[2-Sep-2008] - Call for taking part in a digital radio survey >>

[2-Sep-2008] - Moscow Conference: Opening Remarks of HFCC chairman on the Page of the Conference; Photos from the meeting linked from the restricted areas.

[1-Sep-2008] - Wednesday, 3 September 2008, 12:00 UTC - deadline for any updates to be included in B08 co-ordinated schedule

[28-Aug-2008] The B08 HFCC/ASBU conference in Moscow is in progress. A new version of collision lists is being tested on the local intranet in Moscow.

[4-Aug-2008] - Updated Contact List

[31-Jul-2008] - Important announcement of B08 Moscow Conference Team on registrations on the B08 Conference webpage.

[18-Jul-2008] - Snapshot of B08 Tentative Data (restricted areas only)

[15-Jul-2008] - Updated Contact List

[14-Jul-2008] - The EBU has asked us to circulate information about the Digital Radio Conference 2008, Cagliari, 18-19 September 2008

[9-Jul-2008] - Reminder: 17 July is the deadline for submission of B08 tentative data.

[4-Jul-2008] - Updated Contact List

[17-Jun-2008] - B08 upload opened, A08 snapshot processed.

[10-Jun-2008] - Updated Contact List

[5-Jun-2008] - Info on Russian Visa on the B08 Conference webpage.

[30-May-2008] - Important documents have been uploaded to the B08 Moscow Conference webpage. Minutes of the Conference preparatory SB Meeting are available in the private area.

[23-Apr-2008] - ITU Circular Letter about implementation of the changes to the frequency allocations around 7MHz from 29th March 2009 agreed at WRC-03 has been uploaded to the WRC-07 page in the restricted area.

[21-Apr-2008] - New version of the upload application. It produces a testing file in extended text format that should facilitate the use of Wplotf software and possible other features in the future.

[19-Apr-2008] - B08 Conference host (GFC) have confirmed that the event will be held in Moscow from 25 to 29 August 2008

[18-Apr-2008] - The upload application will be unavailable during this weekend due to software upgrade

[7-Apr-2008] - Contact List - ALR update

[2-Apr-2008] - A08 public data, B07 upload closed

[20-Mar-2008] - Further update of Contact List

[17-Mar-2008] - Snapshot of A08 Operational Data, another update of Contact List

[6-Mar-2008] - Update of Contact List

[27-Feb-2008] - Minutes of the A08 KL Plenary Meeting, Minutes of the KL GOE Meeting

[25-Feb-2008] - Update of the Contact List including changes collected in KL.

[23-Feb-2008] - The HFCC server time has been changed from CET to UTC.

[22-Feb-2008] - Snapshot of B07 data. Please upload any changes of B07 requirements before the end of the season as the B07 database will be closed soon afterwards.

[13-Feb-2008] - Snapshot of A08 co-ordinated schedule (results of the conference) has been processed.

[8-Feb-2008] - The A08 KL Conference has finished today. Wednesday, 13 February, 1200 UTC has been agreed as deadline for any updates to be included in the A08 co-ordinated schedule (results of the conference).

[25-Jan-2008] - Update of the List of registered participants for the A08 KL Conference

[15-Jan-2008] Snapshots of A08 and B07 data have been processed

[7-Jan-2008] - Reminder: 14 January - deadline for A08 tentative data.

[21-Dec-2007] - Press release and List of registered participants for the A08 KL Conference

[10-Dec-2007] - Full report of Geoff Spells on the outcome of WRC-07. Read further >>
Minutes of a recent HFCC/ASBU Board Meeting are available in the restricted area of the website.

[12-Nov-2007] - Snapshot of B07 operational data plus public version.

[8-Nov-2007] - News is just in from WRC-07 in Geneva: No additional shortwave spectrum will be allocated to international broadcasting. Full report will follow later.

[1-Nov-2007] - Invitation letter and registration form for A08 Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Read more >>

[29-Oct-2007] - The HFCC Information Paper has been issued as Doc 132 of World Radio Conference 2007 (restricted access)

[29-Oct-2007] - BBC (Cath Westcott) produced a leaflet for the WRC-07 supporting the position of shortwave broadcasting

[25-Oct-2007] - The transfer of the hfcc website has been completed.

[19-Oct-2007] - The final stage of the transfer of the hfcc website to a new hardware is scheduled for Thursday, 25 October. The upload application and automated collision detection will be interrupted starting from 8:00 UTC.

[16-Oct-2007] - The next global shortwave co-ordination conference for the A08 season will be held in Kuala Lumpur between 4th and 8th February 2008. Read more >>

[16-Oct-2007] - Photos from Birmingham (linked from the restricted areas)

[15-Oct-2007] - The HFCC website will be transferred to a new hardware. Some of the services may be temporarily disrupted due to the preparatory phase in the next couple of days.

[5-Oct-2007] - Snapshot of B07 operational data

[5-Oct-2007] - The HFCC has registered for the incoming World Radio Conference 2007 Read more >>

[1-Oct-2007] - Friday, 5 October - deadline for upload of B07 operational data

[7-Sep-2007] - Birmingham Conference: Opening Remarks of HFCC chairman on the Page of the Conference; Plenary Minutes in the Private Area

[7-Sep-2007] - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union position on the WRC-07 agenda items on the projects/links page

[4-Sep-2007] - Snapshot of B07 co-ordinated data (results of the Birmingham Conference)

[24-Aug-2007, 30-Aug-2007] - Updated list of hotel bookings and conference registrations.

[21-Aug-2007] - Page of the B07 Birmingham Conference updated with additional travel information.

[15-Aug-2007] - Please check on an updated list of hotel bookings and conference registrations on the page of the B07 Birmingham Conference

[6-Aug-2007] - Vista-compatible version of the HFEDIT software.

[3-Aug-2007] - Contact List updated.

[25-Jul-2007] - Another snapshot of the tentative B07 data has been processed after the extended deadline.

[19-Jul-2007] - A snapshot of the tentative B07 data has been processed.

[12-Jul-2007] - At the CEPT CPG meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, 10-13th July, the European Common Proposal (ECP) relating to Resolution 544 and Issue E parts of WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.13 was approved. Read more >>

[28-Jun-2007] - The upload application has been opened for B07 data.

[27-Jun-2007] - Upgrade of the collision detection software (improved presentation of deleted collisions). The upload application will be open for B07 data on 28 or 29 June.

[26-Jun-2007] - Update of the Page of the B07 Birmingham Conference

[11-Jun-2007] - Minutes of the May SB meeting in the HFCC/ASBU Private Area

[9-Jun-2007] - Major update of the Page of the B07 Birmingham Conference

[1-Jun-2007] - B06 database will be closed soon. Please update your schedule if needed. ---
- Updated contact list.

[11-May-2007] Updated reference tables (WARC-92 bands changed to inband)

[10-May-2007] A Steering Board Meeting of the HFCC asociation will be held in Prague on 18 May 2007

[10-May-2007] New documents are now available in the WRC-07 section of the projects/links page

[2-May-2007] Page of the B07 Birmingham meeting has been opened. It will be updated.

[19-Mar-2007] Snapshot of A07 operational data has been processed

[ 1-Mar-2007] Brief update on the outcome of CPM07 held in Geneva 19th February to 2nd March 2007 is now available on the WRC-07 page >> (passworded)

[22-Feb-2007] Updated Contact List with changes collected in Abu Dhabi (passworded)

[20-Feb-2007] Update on preparations for WRC-07 in ITU-R and CEPT as presented by Geoff Spells at the A07 conference in Abu Dhabi is now available here >> (passworded)

[14-Feb-2007] Snapshots of A07 and B06 data have been processed

[13-Feb-2007] Shortwave co-ordination conference ended in Abu Dhabi on 9 Februray 2007. Press release >>

[28-Jan-2007] The EBU is holding a one day International Broadcasting Technical Specialised Meeting on 25th April 2007. The activity of HFCC is also on its agenda. Read more in the EBU section of the Project/Links page >>

[ 3-Jan-2007] Shortwave co-ordination group in the Asia-Pacific region invites HFCC/ASBU members to take part in a meeting in Kuala Lumpur between 22 and 26 January 2007. More info on the Abu Dhabi page and "Global" homepage..

[21-Dec-2006] The upload application has been open for A07 data. (See the restricted areas.)

[20-Dec-2006] Final version of the A06 data has been processed.

[20-Nov-2006] Public version of the HFCC/ASBU B06 frequency database was uploaded to the HFCC website last week.

[10-Oct-2006] Confirmation has just been received from our EMI colleagues: The next A07 HFCC/ASBU conference (5 to 9 Feb. 2007) will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

[3-Oct-2006] Jeff White, President of NASB has published a very readable report on the Athens conference in their Newsletter. You can access the NASB Newsletter at this link >>

[25-Sep-2006] A06 data included in the automated system

[23-Sep-2006] Photos from Athens linked from the Private and Global restricted areas.

[22-Sep-2006] The HFCC is active in the preparation of the next year's World Radio Conference (WRC-07) specifically to an agenda item that will review the future frequency spectrum needs of broadcasting and other services between 4 and 10 MHz. Read more about it in the opening remarks of the HFCC Chairman to the recent conference in Athens >>

[14-Sep-2006] Final text for WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.13 prepared by ITU-R is now available on the WRC-07 page >>

[7-Sep-2006] Updated List of Participants on the Page of the Athens Meeting. Updated Contact List with changes collected in Athens.

[6-Sep-2006] B06 snapshot & upgrade of the automated collision detection system - s/i lists now available on the Prague server too. See the data in the B06 Data section of the Private and Global restricted areas.

[17-Aug-2006] The automatic collision detection system has been upgraded with new format of the collision files and improved tracking of changes. See B06 Data Page >>

[12-Jul-2006] A test run of a system for automated processing of collision lists has been started.

B06 Conference in Greece
[13-Jun-2006]: Page of the meeting >>

International Co-ordination of DRM and AM Transmissions
The amount of DRM frequency requirements in the international broadcast bands is growing. It is not surprising therefore that the HFCC has received several complaints in regard to the DRM interference to AM transmissions. The HFCC/ASBU association has taken up the subject in its past Plenary and Steering Board Meetings. Read more >>

A06 Seasonal Conference in Sanya
The last seasonal Joint HFCC/ASBU and ABU-HFC Conference was held in Sanya, Hainan province of China from 13 to 17 February 2006.

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