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Documents from the meeting

Presentation of Mireya Martinez and Ludo Maes - Added on 6 August


Invitation and registration





August 2-6, 2010




Zurich-Regensdorf, Switzerland (Regensdorf is a suburb just north of the city of Zurich)
Zurich is a city of 370,000 on the shores of Lake Zurich in the German-speaking portion of Switzerland, although English is very widely spoken. It is a very clean city with numerous parks, museums and cultural attractions. The town of Regensdorf is located about 15 minutes from downtown Zurich by public transportation. In downtown Zurich, there is the famous Bahnhofstraase shopping street and the Old Town area with 2000 years of history, shops and excellent restaurants with typical Swiss cuisine, many of them with a view of the the Limmat River.


Photographs taken by Horst Scholz during his visit to Zuerich


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Conference Hotel and Address


Movenpick Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf, Zentrum, 8105 Zurich-Regensdorf, Switzerland. The hotel check-in time is 1400 hours. The check-out time is 1200 hours.




Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia AG and the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB)


Conference Schedule


The conference will begin Monday morning and will end early afternoon on Friday. Therefore, we suggest that you arrive in Zurich by Sunday, August 1.




In general, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, and Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. Hotel and conference prices are quite high. However, we have gone to great lengths to put together a conference package which is as reasonable as possible under the circumstances.

For meetings in Switzerland, hotels charge a nightly room rate, plus a daily hotel conference fee of about US$100. (In our case, it is CHF 98, or about USD 91.) This conference fee covers the cost of the meeting room rental (the main plenary room and the data processing room), welcome coffee in the morning, two coffee breaks during the day, mineral water in the meeting room, rental of audiovisual equipment, a buffet breakfast each morning and other associated meeting costs.

The nightly room rate is CHF 150 (Swiss francs), which is currently about US$139. This room rate is the same for single or double occupancy. However, in addition to this there is the hotel's conference fee, which is CHF 98 per person per night for the nights of Sunday, August 1 through Thursday, August 5. Only official conference delegates pay this hotel conference fee. So if you are a conference delegate staying in a single room, the total rate is CHF 248 (i.e. about US$230) per night for the nights of August 1 through August 5. If there are two conference delegates sharing a double room, the total room rate per night would be CHF 346 (i.e. 150 + 98 + 98). On the other hand, if you are sharing a room with your spouse or family member, for example, the total room rate is CHF 248 per night, if your spouse or family member is not a conference delegate. Please note that only conference delegates paying the daily hotel conference fee have the breakfast buffet included. For others, the breakfast buffet is available for a discounted price of CHF 23 per person.

Please also note that if you arrive before August 1 or if you stay at the hotel on the night of August 6 or later, you will only pay the room rate of CHF 150, single or double, and you will not pay the hotel conference rate of CHF 98 per night for these additional nights (and therefore, the breakfast buffet will not be included in the room rate on those additional nights, but it is available for CHF 23 per person).

If you do not make your hotel reservation through the conference committee, or if you stay at a different hotel, you will have to pay hotel conference fee of CHF 98 per day in order to participate in the conference (and that will include the breakfast buffet).

In addition to the hotel's conference fee, there is also the usual HFCC/ASBU conference fee, which we use to cover other meeting expenses. This HFCC/ASBU conference fee will be 75 euros, payable in cash to the conference committee when you arrive.




Citizens of the following countries/regions do not require visas to visit Switzerland: the Americas (except Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Peru), Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. For citizens of these countries, only a valid passport is needed. Citizens of most other countries require a passport and a visa. We suggest that you contact the Swiss consulate general nearest you for current visa requirements and procedures. The conference committee cannot assist with visa processing, but if you require an official letter of invitation for visa purposes or for the management of your organization we will be pleased to provide you with this letter upon request.




We suggest flying into Zurich International Airport. The hotel has a free shuttle bus from the airport which operates according to the following schedule:

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich-Regensdorf Shuttle-Service
Monday to Friday / Montag bis Freitag
Departure from hotel
Abfahrt vom Hotel

06:00 15:00 
07:00 16:00 
08:00 17:15 
09:00 18:00 
10:00 19:00 
11:00 20:15 
12:15 21:00 
13:00 22:00 
14:00 23:00 
Departure from airport
Abfahrt vom Flughafen
06:30 15:30
07:30 16:30
08:30 17:30
09:30 18:30
10:30 19:30
11:30 20:30
12:30 21:30
13:30 22:30
14:30 23:30
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays / Samstag, Sonntag und Feiertage
Departure from hotel
Abfahrt vom Hotel
06:00 17:15 
07:00 18:00 
08:00 19:00 
09:00 20:15 
10:00 21:00 
Departure from airport
Abfahrt vom Flughafen
06:30 17:30
07:30 18:30
08:30 19:30
09:30 20:30
10:30 21:30
Please note that August 1 is a national holiday in Switzerland.
The shuttle bus stops between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the arrival area. The shuttle bus is white with black signs.
The schedule is valid as from January 4th 2010.
Dieser Fahrplan ist gültig ab 04. Januar 2010.

For additional information, see the following webpages:
Switzerland Tourism
Zurich Tourism
Moevenpick Hotel
Switzerland in Sound




Does the Hotel Movenpick accept the Discover credit card? - Unfortunately no. The hotel accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club in order to guarantee your hotel room and to pay your hotel bill.

What is the agenda for the tour to the Thomson factory on Wednesday? - Buses will pick us up at the Hotel Moevenpick in Regensdorf at 1500 hours. We will arrive in Turgi at 1545. There will be a tour of the Thomson factory from 1600-1800 hours. At 1800, we will go by bus to the town of Bottstein, located about 5 kilometers from the German border, arriving at 1830. Thomson will invite us for an aperitive and dinner at the Bottstein Castle from 1830-2130. At 2130, the buses will pick us up at the castle and take us back to our hotel in Regensdorf.

Is breakfast included at the Movenpick Hotel? - A large buffet breakfast is included in the conference package for those staying on the nights of August 1 through August 5 (so it includes breakfast for the mornings of August 2 through 6). If you will be at the hotel before or after those nights, the breakfast buffet is available for 23 Swiss francs. (The normal rate is 28 francs.) There is a shopping center adjacent to the hotel which has a few restaurants, and they should have some sort of breakfast available as well.

What sort of Internet facilities will there be at the hotel? Is there Internet in the hotel rooms? - There will be WiFi Internet access in the main meeting room from Monday through Friday, August 2-6, sponsored by the NASB. Internet access is available in the individual hotel rooms, but there is an extra charge of 19 francs per day. There is also a business center in the hotel, which we understand has three computer terminals with free Internet access, and we have been told that you can connect your own laptop there. We suggest bringing an Ethernet cable in case some of the connections are wired.

I need a specific invitation letter for my management or in order to obtain a Swiss visa. Can you provide this? - Yes, just let us know at info[at]wrmi.net and we will send you one.

Is there also a hotel transfer available from the Zurich main train station? - The free shuttle bus only operates between the Zurich airport and the Hotel Movenpick in Regensdorf. However, if you arrive at the Zurich main station (Hauptbahnhof), you can change to local train S6, which leaves at 2 and 32 minutes past each hour from Platform 21 or 22. Get off the train at the Regensdorf-Watt stop and follow the signs to the Movenpick Hotel.

Is any further sightseeing planned? - At this point, there is no further group sightseeing planned, although the conference registration desk can arrange local tours upon request. We highly suggest shopping, sightseeing and dinner in Zurich's historic Old Town area, which is only 15 minutes by local train from Regensdorf. From Old Town, you can also take various inexpensive boat excursions on Lake Zurich.

Will the hotel conference fee and the room charge be paid and invoiced together? - Yes, your hotel bill will include the room charge of CHF 150 per night plus the hotel conference fee of CHF 98 per person per night (only for the nights of August 1-5), and you will pay the hotel directly for these charges. The separate HFCC/ASBU conference fee of 75 euros is payable in cash to the conference registration desk. If you have additional persons in your hotel room (such as spouses) who are not conference delegates, they will not be charged the hotel conference fee (and the buffet breakfast will not be included for them, although it is available at a reduced price of CHF 23).

Will a shuttle bus pick me up at the Zurich airport and take me to the hotel? - We have asked for your flight arrival information so that the hotel front desk will know approximately when you will be arriving. However, there will be no HFCC/ASBU personnel at the airport to meet you. You simply need to take the Movenpick Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf shuttle bus, which you can find between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the airport arrivals area. The bus is white with black signs. It takes approximately 10 minutes to drive from the airport to the hotel. Please refer to the shuttle bus schedule above for regular departure times. Also, please note that on Saturday and Sunday the last shuttle bus departure from the airport in the morning is at 1030 hours, and there are no more departures until 1730 hours. (It may change to 1740 hours by July and August.) So if your flight arrives between those times, you will need to take a taxi or train to the hotel. If you take the train, you need to go to the Zurich Main Station, and then take local train S6, which leaves at 2 and 32 minutes past each hour from Platform 21 or 22. Get off the train at the Regensdorf-Watt stop and follow the signs to the Movenpick Hotel. It takes approximately eight minutes to walk from the Regensdorf-Watt train station to the hotel (or you could take a taxi).

Is there more than one Movenpick Hotel in Zurich? - Yes. There is a Movenpick Zurich Airport Hotel and a Movenpick Zurich-Regensdorf Hotel. Be sure you go to the Movenpick Zurich-Regensdorf Hotel.

What is the best form of local transportation around the Zurich area? - Glen Tapley has been investigating this. He writes: "I was looking at the transportation situation in and around Zurich. It seems that one can purchase an all-day ticket for around 8CHF for unlimited transportation. A single ride ticket is around 4CHF so the all-day is best. This covers 2 zones. Regensdorf is in Zone 11 and most of Zurich is Zone 10. There is also a 6 day unlimited ticket for 2 zones for 43.20CHF. I didn't realize and don't know what the difference is between a 1st class and 2nd class ride on a tram, but these are what they term 2nd class tickets. A first class ticket is double the price. These tickets are good on trains, trams, buses, boats, and cable cars. So I figure 8CHF per day will allow travel on the train from Regensdorf to Zurich HB (the central station) and then on to a tram to wherever in Zurich and back. The train from Regensdorf is the S6. What's cool about this is that one could take a boat journey around the lake [included in the daily pass price.]
Tickets are purchased before boarding at kiosks at the train and tram stop stations. One word of caution: If anyone is caught on a mode of transportation without a ticket, it is an 80CHF fine. There are some other alternative tickets such as the Swiss Pass, but it is for those who want to travel throughout Switzerland and it costs about 350CHF. Just thought I'd mention it. Looks like there are a lot of really good restaurants, some very expensive ($$$$) and some medium priced ($$) that look pretty good. Of course by Swiss standards, $$ is still fairly steep. Also, there are a vast number of watering holes."


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